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Industrial and Personal security

In Wiesbaden

Property protection is a very important topic for every company, after all the consequences of damage are usually unpleasant and expensive. We at IPS analyze your individual situation and develop a suitable security concept for you. In this way we ensure the security of your property.

Our employees ensure the protection of your company, but also the protection of persons. In doing so, we always rely on educated and trained personnel to ensure your and your company's security.

With each order we deal specifically with your needs and specifications. Our many years of experience in this field speak for themselves.

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Services in Wiesbaden & area

  • Armed Services
  • Object protection and industrial security
  • VIP and personal security
    (In Germany and Europe, also armed)
  • Event protection / event services
  • Construction site supervision
  • Transport of money and valuables
  • Courier services
  • Hotel service
  • Limousine Service
  • Museum / supervisory services
  • Revierdienstedienste
  • Observation / Investigations / Manhunt
  • Foreign repatriations
  • Education and training
  • Consulting and safety analyses

Professional measures and individual security concepts

Limousine Service

"First-class vehicles and very experienced escorts, gladly again."


Safe transport

With the help of our trained chauffeurs you will be taken safely from point A to point B. We always rely on safe and modern technology in our vehicles, so we are prepared for all eventualities.

With personal protection

Not only the perfect limousine service is necessary to ensure the safety of our customers at events. We also provide perfectly trained bodyguards and bodyguards who are trained in close combat as well as in handling weapons.

Top vehicles

Our exclusive limousine service is equipped with the latest models of the German upper and luxury class. We offer our business customers from all areas of economy and politics an exclusive chauffeur service at the highest level with maximum comfort, which also allows you a representative appearance.

Comfortable, elegant and safe to your next destination.